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  In the side of the bank, there is a crossroads, is the only way that I home every day.One evening, I drove the car home with the three-year-old daughter, came to the embankment(路堤), from afar, I saw a few traffic lights are out, the crossroads were in bad ...Each traffic light red, yellow, green light, all the bright backdrop in a sunset, is truly beautiful. I quickly called my daughter to enjoy this rare beauty: "Honey, see, is it not very pretty in front of all the traffic lights lamp light?"Daughter look and said: "Wow! Is nice! Who are they repaired them?"


  A father said to his sons: "Tomorrow your mother is ing to bake a pie. Who is ing to eat it?"The oldest son replied: "Father, I'll eat it all!"The father then said: "Tomorrow I'm ing to butcher a pig. Who is ing to eat it?"The same son answered: "Father, I'll eat it all!"The father added: "Tomorrow, we are ing to plough the field. Who is ing to plough?"The oldest son answered again: "It's always me, always me. Now it's someone else's turn to volunteer!"


  In order to prove the harmful effect of alcohol,the teacher put a bug into a glass filled with alcohol, soon the bug died.The teacher asked a student, "What does this show?"The student answered, "It shows that people won't get parasites if they drink more alcohol."


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