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  A guy I know was towing his boat home from a fishing trip to Lake Huron when his car broke down. He didn't have his cell phone with him, but he thought maybe he might be able to raise someone on his marine radio to call for roadside assistance. He climbed into his boat, clicked on the radio and said, "Mayday, mayday." A Coast Guard officer came on and said, "State your location." "I-75, two miles south of Standish." After a very long pause, the officer asked, "How fast were you ing when you reached shore?"

  在休伦湖钓完鱼后,我的一个朋友开车拖着他的船回家。路上车坏了。 他没带手机,不过,他想,也许他可以通过海事无线广播来请求公路援助。 于是,他爬到他的船里面,启动了无线装置,喊道,“求救,求救”。一名海岸护卫队警官作出了回应,“报告你的位置”。“I-75号公路,Standish的南面两英里”。沉默了好一会之后,警官问我的朋友,“你的船靠岸时开得有多快?”

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